the largest mixed-used development in the southeast is right here in the heart of downtown atlanta

We’re transforming approximately 50 acres of parking lots and former rail-yards into a platform for opportunity and growth. Featuring up to 12 million square feet of mixed-use development including retail, office, residential and hotel.

come grow with us

a platform for growth in the southeast’s most dynamic market

Centennial Yards will maximize the location and connectivity of downtown Atlanta in ways not possible for generations.

For both retail and commercial opportunities, the place will be abuzz with Atlantans and visitors day and night.

Centennial Yards is committed to connecting all of the things that Atlanta does best — food, sports, entertainment and business — to the vibrant network of neighborhoods that extend out from downtown.

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work with us to transform downtown atlanta

Centennial Yards is an investment into the heart of Atlanta — and that means opportunities for Atlanta’s people, communities and local businesses to grow with us.

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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all Centennial Yards EBO events planned for 2020 have been postponed until further notice. Please check this website for later updates.

The below are questions related to Opportunities at Centennial Yards.  Questions related to general project updates, programming, leasing, and other non-procurement related items will be forthcoming and available on CentennialYards.com.

Will there be a portal for vendor registration?

A link to the registration portal is anticipated to go live on Centennialyards.com.  In the interim, please address any questions to the Equal Business Opportunity Manager noted in Question 4.

Is there a tentative budget for the projects?

The project will feature up to 12 million square feet of mixed-use development with an estimated cost of up to $5 billion.

Will there be a tour to view the various properties?

General tours are not being scheduled at this time.  Tours may be offered as part of a specific bidding opportunity in the future.

Is there a Diversity Officer assigned to the project?

Yes. Brigitte Broyard is the Equal Business Opportunity Manager. She can be reached at bbroyard@cimgroup.com.

Are there set MBE/WBE participation goals?

Yes, there is a 38% minimum inclusionary benchmark goal for the project to include Minority and Female owned businesses throughout the design, development, construction and property management of the project.

Will there be Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP) and a schedule of when they will be released?

Yes, the RFQ process and solicitation phase will begin by Q2 2020 followed by the solicitation phase for RFP’s. Outreach and notification will be made when RFP’s are released and will be posted on CentennialYards.com.

Will the Requests be issued through CIM or the City of Atlanta Department of Procurement?

Request for Proposals will come directly from Centennial Yards and will be posted on our website CentennialYards.com. They will be released in phases based on the development timeline.

Who are the key CIM managers and contacts?

 The contact is Brigitte Broyard who can be reached at bbroyard@cimgroup.com.

Will you conduct bid conference meetings before an RFP is released?

Centennial Yards plans to host bid information sessions over the course of the development, with a frequency that will naturally adjust with the project phasing and pace of development.

What are the sustainability goals, and will you attempt building certifications?

CIM will incorporate green building practices and energy saving methodologies throughout construction, maintenance and operation of all vertically constructed buildings.


Centennial Yards will post and publicize solicitations for bids for each phase of the project. As Request for Proposals are released, bid conference dates and locations will be posted on CentennialYards.com. Please stay tuned for updates as they become available.

As a part of the Equal Business Opportunity Plan for Centennial Yards, we will make best efforts to include Minority and Female Business Enterprises in the design, development, construction and property management of the project. This plan includes a minimum inclusionary benchmark of at least 38%. Therefore, please consider the City of Atlanta registry of Certified Firms to locate companies and sub-contractors to work on your team. The companies in this registry have already been certified by the City of Atlanta as Minority and Female Owned Business Enterprises. Below are the directions to access this listing:

  • Go to “https://www.Atlantaga.gov”
  • Click Government
  • Click Mayor’s Office
  • Click Executive Offices
  • Click Office of Contract Compliance
  • Scroll down the right side of the page until you reach:
  • Click the highlighted link that says portal in blue

Once you are in the portal, if you search by industry (i.e. mechanical, electrical, plumbing, firms will populate via those search words).

If you prefer to search by NAICS Code (North American Industry Classification System Codes), there is also a link to those codes in the paragraph above the Registry of Certified firm.


the centennial yards story is just beginning – this is the place for you to follow along

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CIM is a community-focused real estate and infrastructure owner, operator, developer and lender. Learn more: www.cimgroup.com.  © 2019 CIM Group All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy

A CIM Development
CIM is a community-focused real estate and infrastructure owner, operator, developer and lender. Learn more: www.cimgroup.com.

© 2019 CIM Group All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy